Algorithms Project Downloads

The software below supports the paper:

2006. Network flow analysis algorithms. Ecological Modelling 192(3-4): 586-600. Published: 25 Feb 2006.

Please cite my paper if you use the software in research leading to publication.

These downloads contain: NetMatCalc software, sample food web files, and algorithms. The algorithms files are in MSWord (.doc), rich text format (.rtf), and Adobe PDF (.pdf). Download the package for your system:

Algorithms Project Download (OS X) [v1.0.4; 531 KB; G3 Apple Macintosh or better; Mac OS 10.4 recommended]

Algorithms Project Download (OS 9) [v1.0.4; 525 KB; G3 Apple Macintosh or better; Mac OS 9.2 recommended]

Algorithms Project Download (PC) [v1.0.4; 334 KB; Pentium II or better; Microsoft Windows]


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